Cowboys, Indians, and More!

  ***"Gallery-Wrapped" describes images on stretched canvas painted on all four sides, making additional framing unnecessary.***

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Rush Cole in the studio, May 25, 2022.

Top and this photo of Rush Cole by Herschel Mair.

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, (Prototype, 24"x 60"
acrylic on canvas, Copyright Rush Cole 1982)

"CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS: An Historical Montage"
96" height x 240" width, (8 feet x 20 feet) Acrylic on canvas. 
Copyright Rush Cole 1983. All rights reserved.
City Of Corpus Christi, Texas, 
American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, Texas
48" x 72", Oil on canvas
Copyright Rush Cole 1992. All rights reserved.
"Rush Cole's VIVA SANTA FE!"
48" x 72", Oil on canvas, Gallery-wrapped.
Copyright Rush Cole 2009. All rights reserved.
It Always Begins With A Prayer” 
Copyright Rush Cole
Official poster art~65th Annual PRCA
Rodeo de Santa Fe 2014
Copyright Rush Cole
Official poster art~66th Annual PRCA
​Rodeo de Santa Fe 2015

Cole's meticulously researched, detailed, and painted portrait of the city her heart 
chose as home. Requiring more than a full year of easel work, the image is a visual history of 
Santa Fe, New Mexico's over 400 years as America's oldest capital city.

In 2012, Cole was cast as a Red Pony Regular background actor, appearing in all six seasons of the hit Netflix TV LONGMIRE Mystery Series, filmed in northern New Mexico.

Two of Cole's classic rodeo paintings were selected as the official poster for Rodeo de Santa Fe!
Adam Bartley, Rush Cole, Robert Taylor, off duty and having fun at Rodeo De Santa Fe, June, 2014.
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Anyone who steals, in any manner, any part of this work, will never again be 
happy, healthy, or prosperous. 

About The Artist…

As a very young child, Rush Cole set out to educate herself to become a professional fine artist, even though she was given absolutely no support from her family of origin.  In fact, both of her parents continually and bitterly blocked her every success for the first nineteen years of her life with them.  To suggest that her journey has been difficult is a ludicrous understatement.  Still, she persisted in being a good person, despite the actual criminal assaults of every kind continually perpetrated against her by the mother and father.  Retreating within and using her creativity was her only sanctuary.

Rush sold her first artwork at the age of twelve, and at the end of eighth grade, she was named "Most Promising Art Student" out of hundreds of students!  By the time she was a freshman in high school, her art teachers and the principal had begun purchasing her art, while her classmates started commissioning her to create portraits of their boyfriends and girlfriends.  Her friends' parents also bought her drawings and paintings.  

Although Cole's parents prevented her from attending college and pursuing a career in art, they couldn't stop Rush from drawing and painting every chance she had.  Eventually, she fled their house of horrors, even though her life didn't improve much, since by that time, she was very wounded in many ways.  In 1971, a serious auto wreck left her struggling to survive her physical injuries, and even more determined than ever to create art.  And so the years passed as she worked at various jobs in order to support herself and her need to express herself artistically.  Cole even toured the eastern half of the U.S. for a couple of years as a lead singer in a road band.

In 1982, Rush Cole won a statewide competition in Texas to paint a definitive mural for the City of Corpus Christi, depicting the history, culture, and/or environment of the community.  Following intense research and travel around the area, sketching and photographing, Rush chose to combine all three categories by composing a visual montage that reads from left to right: earliest history to the present day: covering more than five hundred years.  The completed mural, painted while she was pregnant, no less, measures 8 feet high by 20 feet wide and is on permanent exhibit as part of the city's public art collection.  Thus began her penchant for composing historical portraits of entire cities!

To date, Cole has spent decades working as a fine artist. By simply setting her hand to the joyous task of using her creative abilities, she ended up providing herself a classical art education; reading and researching the great artists from the past, and then honing her hard-fought-for drawing and painting skills. Evidently, she did an okay job, too; since she was duly invited to teach accredited courses in drawing and watercolor painting for the University of Alaska! Although she was cruelly blocked by her parents from accepting a scholarship to study art at the end of high school, perhaps she ended up going to college after all, yes?  

Throughout her career, Rush has won numerous awards in juried national and international art competitions; including Best Of Show in the National Watercolor Society, one of the highest, most prestigious awards available to watercolor artists in America.  Additionally, her artwork is part of many private, corporate, and museum collections in the United States and abroad.  Cole is also an accomplished portrait artist; commissioned to paint many, many humans and animals for both private and corporate patrons.

After recently widening the scope of her creativity to include the literary arts, Rush Cole has also been applauded for her writing.  As an indie author and publisher, both her first memoir, "DREAM OF THE BUTTERFLY", followed by a volume of artwork, "ART OF THE JOURNEY", an illustrated retrospective collection spanning twenty-one years, have been enthusiastically received and lauded by readers and art lovers, alike.  

Cole's first work of fiction, "THE BOMBSHELL RIDES AGAIN", a crime novel, is due out in summer, 2022. Having been born to and raised by a pair of unapologetic domestic criminals, she's more than familiar with how those kinds of deranged minds operate.  Ever insistent on staying true to herself in all things, Rush has learned to value the vast range of her experiences, even the unnumbered, less-than-desirable ones, as fair-game fodder for her stories: both the true ones, and also the fictional novels that are directly inspired by real-life, deliberately badly-behaved people!

Gradually, Rush has formulated the personal philosophy that everything in this world is All GOOD if it is allowed to be so.  It would seem that her accomplishments more than bear that out.

More than 40 years as an award-winning professional fine artist!. Joyful collector satisfaction guaranteed!